The heart line of the organization is the after sales service in terms of technical and application support to our customers. Over the years our services have proven to bring to our customers a greater value for investments in our equipments. The fact that some of our installation continue to keep working more than twenty five years stands testimony to our quality service.

Gulf Support Centre installation portfolio includes a wide range of customers using for the analysis of material characterization of products such as cement, metal and steel, nano material, plastic, polymers, petrochemicals, industrial minerals, glass, catalysts, semi conductor, thin films and advanced materials, recycled materials and environmental samples.

We deal with a range of products in the field of Analytical equipments like:

  1. X-Ray Fluorescence Wave length Dispersive and Energy Dispersive, X-Ray diffractometers.
  2. Electron Microscope Transmission and scanning with X-Ray Analysis.
  3. Consumables for Electron Microscopy.
  4. Nano identation.
  5. Surface Analysis Equipment.
  6. Lithography
  7. Permeation Analyser, Headspace Gas Analyser

As an organization we believe in technical strength, honest approach, and positive attitude and always strive to provide the best value for money to customers with minimum down time with unmatched technical knowledge and skills.

We provide our services to a wide range of customers across diversified industries that include Cement, Aluminium, Oil sector, Petro chemical, Glass and standard laboratories, Police labs, Municipal Labs, Educational Institutions.

Besides covering lower Gulf region, we also extend our service support to other countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan etc as and when the need arise.

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